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A little bit... disappointing?

April 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I recently picked up a Fujifilm XE2S for a steal from Adorama. I already had the XE1 and had been very impressed with it, so getting the last version of the camera before the more recent and lauded XE3 made a lot of sense.

It is a little bit disappointing.

For the XE1, I didn't have high expectations at all. It was an older camera, second-hand, and cheap. It did a really good job for what it was.

I may have had higher expectations for the XE2S, but so far it's been a bit grainy, a bit soft (with the 40mm and 23mm f/2) and just a tad on the "meh" side.

It's making me miss my X100T, which is going to be going back into my day-to-day bag again.

Having an exchangeable lens body as a back up to the XT2 is great, and with good lighting, the XE2S is likely to be perfectly serviceable. I had just expected a little bit more. 


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